ROZ HILL – Founder and Managing Director of YAP 


Roz Hill Yapstuff DirectorPeople who know Roz will say she has an ongoing desire to improve the world, and has a true sense of dedication to a cause which gives her this incredible energy beyond most people’s level to drive and make things happen. Her passion draws the expertise of skilled people on board. She asks nothing of anyone that she would not do herself and leads by example from the bottom to the top.

In February 2012 Roz says:  “Having lost my father to cancer, my mother to breast cancer and having been diagnosed for the first time with breast cancer myself at the age of 29, then having lived through years of cancer treatment with my only child, Peter, then once more myself being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and losing both breasts no doubts having reached survivor status for me is humongous!   “But for me, seeing I had been in denial for so long about my breast cancer with just fighting to keep my son alive and my head above water, my life truly changed many years later. I had a hysterectomy that went very wrong and ended up with Starch Peritonitis and a Blocked Bowel and given very little hope of surviving. BUT, I did through the extraordinary efforts of Dr Terry O’Connor, and when in intensive care at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, I had an ‘out of body’ experience. This truly changed my life forever. My family, my friends, my values and the desire to help others became paramount.

Peter Hill YapstuffMy son Peter in late 2012 came up with the idea of the mobile YAPAPP and commenced its development. It was launched at Parliament House Canberra ACT Australia in June 2013 with Peter present. Sadly the following week on the 4th July Peter suddenly passed away, as he previously in late May had collapsed at work and was rushed to hospital only for us to find out he had the unfortunate history of having been ‘a rare long-term survivor of childhood primary brain cancer (Medulloblastoma)’ and unable to have any current treatment due to his early childhood treatment.

Myself currently fighting secondary Metastatic Cancer to the bones, losing my son flattened me, but like mother like son, I knew I had to go forward and not regress and the philosophy around me remains the same. What continues to make me tick is how I can help others to be pro-active rather than re-active, how they can take ownership of their own bodies and be responsible for their own health and well being. For me, how I can learn to give more than I take, how I can smile more than I frown, how I can give a big hug to someone in need and more importantly getting the things done I desire rather than just talking about them.”

How exciting the YAP journey has been for me and how exciting that YAP continues to connect to so many thousands of young females and males in Australia and throughout the world.


Sadly we lost Roz to cancer on 26th February 2015. We remember her spirit, courage, love and passion for spreading the YAP message.