When researching for additional information for ‘Guys Stuff’ we found it difficult to locate any further information to what we already had available due to two things.

1. Information on male breast cancer was located in areas that normally would relate to much older guys eg. Aged 60 years and older.

Due to diagnosis being ‘less’ rather than ‘more’ in males (1%) it appeared that very little time or money had been put into giving the same support to guys, if any at all!

The emotional aspect of guys getting breast cancer did not appear to be covered anywhere, and if at a later date we are provided with support from a ‘professional’ area we will add this to our website to assist you, as we have found most guys feel uncomfortable even talking about this disease due to it always being perceived to be a ‘female only’ cancer, which is confirmed by Kym’s story in this website under  “Yeah I’m a guy with breast cancer”

The operations or treatments for guys are the same with the removal of breast tissue and sometimes the lymph glands under the arm.  The removal of lymph glands is an extra precaution to stop the disease from traveling into other parts of the body. The treatment also is the same.

The main thing to remember is not to be afraid to check changes out; after all it is your life and your peace of mind. The majority of doctors will not have come in contact with this disease in males, so you must be persistent and if not satisfied seek other opinions.

The number to call in Australia is Free Call: 13 11 20 which connects to the Cancer Information centre.