Kym McKean was diagnosed 2002 at age 45 and lived in Sydney, Australia: I was lying in bed one night and felt this lump in my chest under my nipple. I left it for a few months and felt for it again. It was bigger so I went and saw the doctor. He sent me for tests. I had to have a needle biopsy and next thing I knew I had been diagnosed with breast cancer and referred to Dr Lim. You know. I only thought women got breast cancer and it was such a shock to me.       Read Kym’s story >> Kym McKean

I’m Will Roth, age 45, golfer and breast cancer survivor from Vancouver USA: I contacted your Web site because of your education about Breast Cancer. Your request for my story comes 6 months after my first of annual mammograms. It’s okay they said, we’ve done these on Asian women with even less tissue. It wasn’t reassuring. I turned 45 this year, an appropriate age for a breast examination routine. To say my forties snuck up on me, bares no excuse for not considering an annual breast exam. Actually, it was a series of visits to a dermatologist, which brought me to Breast Cancer awareness.   Read Will’s story >>

Will Roth