Q: What is the ratio between men and women for survival from breast cancer?
It is said less in men due to poor prognosis.

Q: Why don’t men know that they have breast cancer?
Because the majority of men don’t know they can get it so ignore the changes or warning signs that would enable them to know. Also most females don’t realise that men can get breast cancer, hence don’t encourage men to have their chests checked.  

Q: What percentage of men are diagnosed with breast cancer?
1 in every100 men or 1%, compared with 1 in 14 women. 

Q: Most breast cancer occurs in males aged between the ages of 60 and 70?
Yes. From the little information that does exist, it appears this is the case, but don’t let that make you complacent, as Kym (whose story is here in our website) was 45 years old, Troy Smith, a Cross Country Coach in Birmingham was 33 years old and Jason Foy from the UK was only 29 years old and sadly died at 33 in 2004. 

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Q: Why do guys have nipples?
Dr Bermant, a Plastic Surgeon, has a good site that visually goes through male nipples and breasts. You can move the cursor to show you with and without. If you want to have a look here is the direct link to that area in his website:
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