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  • In 2003/2004 the question ‘was there a reason to educate young adults in breast cancer awareness’ was researched and found yes there was, as knowledge assisted early detection and early detection helped saved lives. The charity ‘YAP-Young Adults Program Ltd’ was registered and the friendly name ‘yapstuff’ created.
  • In late 2004 and early 2005 this website was developed in conjunction with a group of young female and male adults and Graphic Artists ‘An Eye for Ink’. 
  • Now in 2016 yapstuff can be found on our updated website www.yapstuff.org and    

All work and support comes from volunteers and YAP’s board of directors.


We hope you benefit from and enjoy the website
Board of Directors
YAP-Young Adults Program Ltd ABN 59 110 959 996

  • There are two sections – GIRLS STUFF and GUYS STUFF 
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