Firstly and most importantly, you need to understand that every change and every lump found in your breasts does not mean you have Breast Cancer, especially as your breasts are growing and changing, they’ll have lumps and bumps anyway.


On average, the final stage of puberty is around 15 years of age and at this time, you are physically an adult.

  • In your late teens and early twenties you have more lumps, bumps and pain in your breasts that seem to come about just because your body is growing.
  • Lumps can form in your breasts due to hormonal changes during your period cycle and they usually go away at the end of that time of the month.
  • In your late teens and early twenties you sometimes can have round rubbery types of tumors called Fibro adenomas and these are not cancerous.
  • Fat Necrosis is a firm lump that can be formed by damaged fatty tissue and develops from a bruise from a hit or bump to the chest.


You may have heard a fair bit about Breast Cancer but really haven’t taken much notice as everyone always seems to be saying that breast cancer only affects women 40 years and older. Young women are being diagnosed in their teens, twenties and thirties. Even if the percentage is very low compared to that of older women aged 40 years and older, the point is it does happen. Would you also believe that 1% of all diagnosed breast cancers are in men?

If Breast Cancer is detected early, chances of survival are very high. Treatment now is so much improved and getting better results. It helps if you can understand what to look out for and also how to check your own breasts and take ownership of the health of your breasts. It’s not really such a big deal and it’s easy to do and gives you peace of mind as you grow older.