Q: When Should A Girl’s Breasts Start Growing?

Girls often worry when they notice that their friends’ breasts are getting bigger and theirs are not. There is a lot of difference in the normal timing of breast growth. For example, it is normal for breasts to start growing as early as nine years of age and it is also normal if they do not begin growing until fourteen years of age. In general, you will experience breast growth within one year of the time your mother first noticed her own breasts growing. Because nutrition, exercise, and health (both physical and emotional) can affect hormone levels, family history of the timing of breast growth provides only a rough guess about when it will actually begin.

Q: One of my breasts is larger than the other. What is going on? Will they stay this way?   

Breast growth is not always the same for both breasts. This should not cause alarm because there is usually a catch-up the time when breasts are fully grown. This can take a few years. In many females, however, one breast may remain slightly larger than the other and this is rarely noticeable to anybody else!

Q: How Big Should Breasts Be?

There is no answer to this question, as we all come in different sizes. Some of us are tall and some short. Similarly, girls have small, medium or large breasts. Many girls are unhappy because they think their breasts are too small or too large. Attitudes about breast size are often influenced by fashions. Breast size bears no relationship to Breast Cancer or to the ability to nurse an infant. There are surgical procedures available to increase or decrease the size of breasts. These are major operations and they should only entered into after considerable thought, discussion and consultation with your medical practitioner. Padded bras (e.g. push-up bras) are alternative for those who want their breasts to appear larger.